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Stashes your bills, stows your coins and sorts your cards. Many have said that a good wallet is actually a man’s greatest companion which shares life’s amazing journey with them. A key ingredient of every fine wallet is the quality material it is crafted from.

Full Grain Leather Vs. Top Grain Leather

Leather products are great companions through our journey in life. With terms such as “Full Grain” and “Top Grain” leather being referenced casually by salespersons and the web, selecting your first leather companion may be a pretty daunting task. At The Wallet Shop, we empower you with certain key definitions of leather, so you are able to make an informed decision on the perfect “type” of leather wallet for your journey ahead ❤.

Leather is taken from many animals, commonly from cows because of their availability and high quality of leather. More exotic sources include alligators, snakes and even frogs! For the best quality leather type, we generally look at Full Grain leather and Top Grain leather.

Full Grain Leather

Taken from the outermost section of the animal’s skin, full grain leather has the greatest strength, quality and life. Its strength comes from its tight cross arrangement of fibres and because of this, resists moisture well too.

With the interaction between the outermost layer of the animal’s skin and the environment, full grain leathers will showcase the hide’s natural patterns and textures along with any defects (e.g. Bruises, cuts and insect bites). Over time, the full grain leather will develop a nice patina when taken with care, giving it a vintage and beautiful look.

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leathers are themed the second strongest quality leather, right after full grain. Top grain leathers are relatively less durable than full grains as the upper section of the raw leather is sanded away to take away any imperfections. Despite the loss of the tightest upper grain, the process gives an amazingly uniform finish to the leather. When given a finishing coat, top grain leather offers excellent stain resistance and protection, but prevents the development of a patina.

Amongst leathers, full grain leather remains the best in terms of quality. However, a wallet is an investment and an accessory of paramount importance to one’s style. The choice of material should be an individual choice to uniquely serve your needs, given both grains are genuine leather*. With great care, every wallet has the potential of sharing life’s ups and downs with you.

We wish you the best in finding your ideal wallet here at The Wallet Shop! Happy leather shopping!

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