Introducing RFID

Radio Frequency IDentification(RFID) technology may be new to those who have not heard about it, but it has become more and more popular among people these days. Globally, RFID products enable millions of contactless payments and interactions daily, bringing convenience to their users.

How does RFID affects us?

With RFID technology commonly found in credit cards and passports, the issue of identity theft has magnified in recent years. Through the exploitation of the science behind RFID, it is now a reality, for thieves to electronically steal credit or confidential information from a distance. These attacks are swift and victims wouldn’t realize it until unrecoverable damages have been done.


“..conquer them with fashion and style.”

Moving forward,

To safeguard your wallets and personal information, it is highly recommended for all to start using RFID products. Not only do they find you the solution to your security problems, they help you conquer them with fashion and style. Essential and affordable RFID products such as Pacsafe RFID sleeve Travel Pack, Crossing RFID Passport Holder, C-secure Italian Leather Wallet, as well as Bellroy Travel Wallet RFID, will definitely be your go to choice for keeping your cards and cash safe!

Here’s what we recommend~

Cross identity theft out with CROSSING

Achieve the maximum out of the minimum. Made from genuine leather, CROSSING’s RFID series seamlessly integrates its security features to the users lifestyle, with the aim to provide them with a piece of mind. RFID wallets should never change a user’s way of using a wallet and no other wallets does it better than the CROSSING RFID Bi-fold wallets. Do give the CROSSING passport holders a browse too if you plan to travel often!

Be the best hider around town

Critics may argue that RFID Wallets are generally bulkier and does not sit nicely in modern day’s pockets. However, seek no further than the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet that offers RFID protection for all your credit card, while retaining the authentic aesthetics of a slim wallet. This has got to be one of the sexiest and sleek looking RFID wallet in The Wallet Shop.

Reinforce your security!

Apart from owning a RFID wallet, are you also worried about your bags? Fret not! Travel bags such as Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Cut-Proof Backpack, Pacsafe Vibe 325 Cross Body Pack, Pacsafe Ss Lx50 Mini Cross Body Bag, as well as Pacsafe Coversafe V100 RFID Blocking Waist Wallet are here to the rescue! These stylish bags provide RFID feature that keeps you safe away from pickpocket and allows you to travel with ease.

Now put your wallet to the test!

Visit The Wallet Shop today and approach any of our staff for a free RFID protection check for your wallet!

See you at The Wallet Shop!

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